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Workplace Health and Safety Guide: Health and Safety Law Poster and Leaflet

Health and Safety Law Poster or Leaflet Requirement

The Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations requires all employers to either display a HSE-approved poster in a prominent position in the workplace or provide each employee with a copy of the HSE-approved leaflet. A prominent position means that the poster is kept displayed in a readable condition, in a reasonably accessible place, that can be easily seen and read by the employee. The approved poster and leaflet outlines the duties that employers and employees have and describe what to do if there is a problem.

From 5th April 2014, employers in Great Britain are required to display the 2009 workplace poster or provide employees with the 2009 leaflet or pocket card, instead of the previous 1999 versions. Employers in Northern Ireland are required to use the new 2009 versions from 15th June 2014.

Research showed that the 1999 versions of the law poster and law leaflet were visually unappealing and rarely read. They were redesigned to be more readable and engaging. The newest versions set out the information in a simpler, more easily digestible bullet point format.

The 2009 poster still has boxes where details of any worker health and safety representatives and other health and safety contacts can be added. It is not a legal requirement to include this information but it may be helpful for workers.

Where to Get the 2009 Versions

Employers can purchase the HSE-approved 2009 poster in different sizes and languages from the HSE site at:

Each copy of the 2009 poster incorporates a unique, serially numbered hologram in the bottom right corner. The security hologram is to help prevent mis-selling and to ensure the copy is genuine. 

Employers can also purchase or download the HSE-approved 2009 leaflet and pocket card for free from the HSE at:

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