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Travel Insurance: Insuring Winter Sports Holidays

Nearly 30 per cent of people going on a skiing holiday do not have the correct type of holiday insurance policy, according to a survey conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents.

Insuring Winter Sports Holidays

Winter sports holidays can be exhilarating, fun and relaxing, but failing to prepare beforehand can make your long-awaited skiing holiday go downhill quickly.

Neglecting important preparations, such as purchasing bespoke travel insurance, changes your holiday from enjoyable to stressful at the first sign of trouble. So, before you leave, take the time to purchase a comprehensive policy or to ensure your current policy covers your winter sports holiday.

Winter Sports Holiday Insurance
Even if you think that your winter holiday is covered by your current policy, review the fine print—participating in winter sport with the wrong policy can invalidate the entire cover. For that reason, ensure that your policy includes the following:

  • Cover for emergency medical treatment if you are injured or become ill. This should include:
    • Mountain rescue expenses
    • Helicopter evacuation costs
    • Physiotherapy costs
  • Cover for your specialist sporting equipment—skis, protective clothing, etc—in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged. Be aware that some policies require you to wear a helmet at all times. And, if you plan to hire equipment, purchase adequate cover.
  • Cover in the event your ski pass is lost or stolen.
  • Cover in the event that the slopes are closed or are otherwise unsuitable for skiing. Some policies may include compensation for travel to an alternative site.
  • Cover in the event of inclement weather—such as a blizzard or an avalanche—that either forces you to delay your holiday or makes the slopes unsuitable. Some policies may reimburse you for the cost of the trip if you are unable to ski.
  • Cover for if you choose to go off-piste. To receive cover, some policies may require you to ski with a guide if you go off-piste.

A standard winter sports holiday insurance policy can offer you and your family peace of mind so that you are able to enjoy the slopes.

Contact Sirelark Risk Services to learn more about how you can eliminate potential roadblocks and financial stressors to your next holiday.

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