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Office Playing it Safe – How to Handle Intruders

Unwanted intruders can pose a serious threat in almost any office. From petty theft to violent criminal acts, intruders pose a variety of different risks. No workplace is completely safe from thieves and intruders. However, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risks of becoming a victim.

Setting Up Shop

Intruders may attempt to enter the premises, steal equipment or other items, install electronic eavesdropping or interception devices, or generally scope the location out for further criminal action.

Making it Your Responsibility

It’s your job to challenge these criminals. If you see someone in the office that you do not recognise or that seems suspicious to you, let someone else know—even if you are uncertain. A criminal can use your uncertainty to carry on without ever being questioned. Even if there are security systems in place, they can never be 100 per cent effective, and you might be able to catch a criminal that would otherwise have gone undetected.

Prevent Unauthorised Entry

Never allow someone that you do not know to enter the building behind you at a point that requires an access card. Criminals will often try to join groups of employees entering the building together to gain access to the building. Always be aware of who is entering around you. Whenever someone just doesn’t fit—because of dress code, lack of badge or for any other reason—take action.

Safeguard Your Rubbish

Some criminals will not technically enter the office, but will sift through material that has been disposed of to search for data or sensitive information about the company. Keep your eyes open at all times of the day for individuals engaging in suspicious behaviour around the building.

Be Observant

If you do report suspicious activity, concentrate on remembering as much about the individual and his or her behaviour as possible so that you can help authorities catch him or her. Facts about physical appearance, vehicles or dress can be helpful in catching criminals before they continue to attack.

Don’t Take Matters into Your Own Hands

Intruders are criminals, and you should never attempt to deal with them on your own, as you might risk aggressive or violent confrontation. Always alert police about suspicious activity in the building instead of approaching the intruder yourself.

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