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Key Features of Cyber-Liability Insurance

As technology becomes a key factor in business operations across industry lines, no organisation is immune to the risk of cyber-attack. To protect your business from the numerous consequences of a data breach, it’s vital to have a robust cyber-liability insurance policy in place.

At a glance, cyber-liability insurance offers cover for losses that result from any cyber-related incident within your organisation. Typically, cyber-liability policies include both first-party and third-party cover. Have a look at the following key features of cyber-liability insurance:

First-Party Cover:

This form of cover offers protection for any losses that your organisation directly incurs from a cyber-incident, including:

  • The cost of replacing or restoring any lost, stolen or damaged electronic data
  • Income losses and extra expenses that result from disrupted business operations
  • Ransom payment from a cyber-extortion incident
  • The cost of notifying any parties affected by a cyber incident
  • Reputation preservation expenses (eg any public relations efforts following a cyber-incident).

Third-Party Cover:

This form of cover provides protection for claims made or legal action taken against your organisation by any stakeholders that suffered losses due to your company’s cyber-security failings, including:

  • Claims regarding negligent acts, errors or omissions that caused a cyber incident
  • Legal investigation and defence costs that result from a cyber-incident
  • Regulatory fines or penalties due to non-compliance with data protection laws.

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