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Insurance for Your Wine Collection

If you store your wine collection in multiple locations, you will need to purchase cover for each location.

Toast to Proper Protection for Your Wine

A true wine enthusiast understands the rewards of owning an expansive collection. The pride that goes in to nurturing a bottle, anticipating its peak age and then enjoying its flavour can be gratifying.

To protect your collection, you may consider purchasing wine insurance, especially if you store your collection in your own wine cellar. If you own a large, valuable array of wines, it is wise to insure your collection in a stand-alone valuable articles policy. You can either insure the collection under a blanket amount, such as £50,000 or, if your collection contains individual high-value bottles, you may wish to insure each bottle separately.

Policy Inclusions

Wine insurance policies may include:

  • Protection against damage due to fire, theft or accidental breakage
  • Protection against mechanical breakdowns in the climate control unit that damages wine
  • Protection against label damage in a fire, flood or other natural disaster—for many rare, vintage wines, the label increases the value of the wine
  • Access to suppliers who ship, buy and sell wine; who store wine in another location; who offer security systems for your collection and suppliers offering temperature-control systems
  • Guidance for how to best store your collection, especially when building your wine cellar

Storage Recommendations

If you house a collection in your home, consider the following storage tips:

  • Do not store chemicals, paint or odour-producing materials near your collection. These items can permeate through the cork and spoil the wine.
  • Do not store wine near heaters or sunlight, or in areas that are susceptible to flooding, such as beneath a lavatory or laundry room. Avoid placing wine in areas of the home that are beneath or next to a home theatre which causes excess vibrations.
  • Store wine at 13C. The humidity in storage should be 65 to 75 per cent. Anything above or below can damage the label or cork.
  • Install an alarm that warns against theft, temperature changes and moisture. When selecting an alarm, purchase one that sends a message to your mobile device.

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