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For friendly insurance advice and insurance solutions for you and your family. Insure your home, second home, holiday cottage, selfbuild dream home project, cars, treasured possessions, legal liabilities & holiday travel all through me.

To find out if I can help you with your insurance requirements, use my super simple online booking system to set up a meeting with me.

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Protecting you and your family’s home, assets and possessions

No-one wants to spend a lifetime of hard work to buy the nice things in life and achieve financial security, just to see it disappear overnight in a disaster – like a house fire where the insurance fails to pay out.

At whatever stage you are in life and whatever assets you own, events can happen that force you down the slippery snake on the game board of life. 

However, if the right insurance is in place to protect you and your family, you should be able to climb straight back up the next ladder and carry on as just you were, and in no time at all.

So it makes perfect sense to protect your family, your property and treasured possessions, and all the other things you have worked so hard to be lucky enough to afford with an insurance policy that suits your needs.

As ever, my most important goal is to provide the risk advice and insurance solutions that each of my clients demands and needs. If you have something you’d like to discuss, please get in touch or book a meeting with me.

Insurance for Individuals

I can help individuals and their families with…

Owning precious valuables can sometimes be worrisome. On the one hand, possessing unique and expensive objects such as art, jewellery or an expensive home can be a source of pride and imbue you with a sense of distinction. On the other hand, these objects can create additional burdens, constantly requiring security and special consideration. How can you reconcile these two perceptions? Secure your commodities and your peace of mind by purchasing a high net worth insurance policy.

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Terrorism is not new, but the frequency, audacity and geographical reach of terrorist attacks have noticeably increased in recent years. Understandably, business owners, risk managers and insurers are concerned with mitigating the risks posed by increasingly prevalent, damaging and random terrorist attacks. Because losses, costs, damages and expenses from terrorism are typically excluded from standard commercial insurance policies, terrorism cover must either be added on as an extension or purchased as a stand-alone policy. By adding terrorism cover to your policies, you can protect your business from this evergrowing set of hazards.

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The only way to effectively protect the assets of your business is to carry adequate insurance cover. Liability insurance protects your business from damages caused by bodily injury or property damage for which your business is found to be legally liable.

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Finding the right home can be a difficult, discouraging experience. Prospective homeowners can have long lists of criteria for their ideal home, such as a specific location or certain amenities. The difficulty of finding a home that ticks every box can push some buyers to build their ideal home instead, either with the assistance of a contractor or by themselves. Regardless of which option you choose, there are inherent risks involved with the project—risks which you need to be adequately covered for. The only sure way to protect your sizeable investment and new, bespoke home is with self-build insurance.

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As technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, the value of a strong cyber-liability insurance policy will only continue to grow. The continued rise in information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in a remarkable increase in the potential exposures facing businesses. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) must also be considered, because a loss of sensitive personal information may subject you to fines and sanctions from the Information Commissioner. In an age where a stolen laptop or hacked account can instantly compromise the personal data of thousands of customers, protecting yourself from cyber-liabilities is just as important as some of the more traditional exposures businesses account for in their general commercial liability policies.

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Whether it’s brand new or just new to you, buying a vehicle is one of the most significant purchases that you will make during your life. It requires hours of research comparing different makes, models and features even before you start hunting for the best deal. Unfortunately, after all of that work, once the front tyres of your vehicle leave the forecourt, it begins to lose its value. After the first year, your vehicle will depreciate about 40 per cent of its original value, according to the Automobile Association (AA). What’s more, after three years, its value will depreciate up to 60 per cent. This can be a disheartening truth, especially after all the time and effort you invested in finding your new vehicle, but fortunately, there is something that you can do to prevent this rapid devaluation. In the event that you are in an accident or your vehicle is stolen, guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance provides you with compensation equal to the original value of your vehicle when you bought it.

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A residents’ association (RA) shoulders not only the well-being of a community but also many of its inherent risks. Because each association differs in purpose and objectives (some may represent general members’ interests, others may only respond to specific issues such as neighbourhood crime), it is imperative to understand the details of your association’s cover and shape it to meet your association’s needs.

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Risk advice and insurance for: