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Employee Cyber Training: Overview and Best Practices

The purpose of this document is to make you aware of cyber-security vulnerabilities and to give you the knowledge to protect yourself both at home and in the workplace. Although some of the topics covered in this training guide may not apply to you directly, it is important to read them all to gain a background in cyber-security procedures and the procedures that are specific to.

Software Updates

What it means: When using devices, such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, you may see a small window pop up on the screen asking you to update your operating system (OS) or anti-virus protection. Although these windows can be irritating and are easy to ignore, they play a critical role in cyber-security.

Device manufacturers and software developers use the always-connected nature of today’s world to constantly adapt to new cyber-threats and push updates out to their users. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google can respond to a hole in their software and release a ‘patch’ to fix it within a few days. In addition, there is an added bonus for you; these patches often include new features that will make your devices more capable.

Simple security tips:

  • Update the software on your computer and mobile devices whenever you are prompted.
  • Check your programs and applications regularly to ensure you are using the most up-to-date version. If you are not, be sure to download updates only from the official developer.
  • If you have installed anti-virus software, be sure to run sweeps of your device regularly to check for malware and viruses.

Making it easy: Trying to figure out how to update your device and finding a time to do it can be harder than it sounds. However, many devices now support automatic updating. This means that when you are not likely to be using your device, such as in the middle of the night, your device will automatically download any available software updates and restart.

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