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If you need to make a complaint…

If you have cause to make a complaint please do so orally or in writing to us (contact details).
Sirelark has procedures in place to respond to complaints from customers and these are detailed below.

  1. We will make clear to customers at the point of sale of Movo Partnership Limited’s (“Movo”) arrangements and procedures for handling complaints, and also of the existence of the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  2. We will provide customers with written details of Movo’s complaints handling procedures as soon as cover has commenced.
  3. We will provide details of Complaints Handling Procedures, in writing, to any customer requesting them.
  4. We will accept oral or written complaints at any time during the insurance process.
  5. We will report any complaint from a customer to Movo immediately, in writing, with all relevant information to support Movo in following their procedures which are to:
    1. Log the complaint onto a complaints database.
    2. Provide written acknowledgement to all complainants whose complaint is not resolved within 1 working day. The acknowledgement will include:
      1. The name, title and contact no. of the person handling the complaint.
      2. When a response or update can be expected.
      3. Actions required of the customer, if applicable.
    3. Resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction or issue a final letter detailing the reasons why Movo cannot help further and referring the customer to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) by including the explanatory leaflet, as soon as possible, and in any case within 8 weeks of Movo being notified of the complaint.

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