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Big Energy Savings Winter Campaign

For many people, energy and heating bills rise significantly during the winter. Big Energy Saving Winter is a national campaign that focuses on helping people save on these expenses and reduce their energy bills.

To accomplish this goal, Big Energy Saving Winter provides a number of tips for reducing—or at least limiting the increase of—energy bills. This guidance covers not only daily habits that can be improved upon, but even government programmes that may provide financial aid. Consider these steps:

  • Check windows and doors for cracks or draughts and close curtains after dark to prevent heat from escaping.
  • Do not keep appliances and electronics in standby mode or leave mobile phones or other devices charging unnecessarily.
  • Replace traditional lighting fixtures with more energy-efficient options, such as LEDs.
  • Set timers on central heating systems so that heat and hot water are only activated when necessary.
  • Check if you qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme, which could help you save £140 this winter.
  • Use this tool to check if you could be getting a better rate by switching your energy supplier.

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